"War Within...Red Alert"

The Mamie Till Mobley Memorial Foundation launched the "War Within” initiative on August 28th, 2012, the 57th year anniversary of Emmett Till's murder in an earnest and ongoing attempt to address the social emergency of violence plaguing our youth, not only in Chicago but other contiguous communities.

As SIRENS alarm through modern day hate crimes, racial profiling, mass incarcerations , gang warfare, drugs, gun violence, through lyrics of songs and various other facets we are issuing a “War Within... RED ALERT..A call to the continuous stream of consciousness through Education, Accountability and Engagement. The Red Alert includes strategic methodologies implemented through:

Till Talks

Intergenerational activities such as educational forums, lectures and movie screenings intended to provoke thought and critical dialogue between youth, parents, community activists, educators, historians, entertainers and other individuals concerned with civil rights and violence prevention.

Echoes from Within Workshop Customized series of creative oratorical workshops for identification of historical, cultural, educational, and social issues affecting youth through personal explorations and the emergence of new Emmett Till Players (est. 1974) across the globe to combat the War Within.

Echoes from the Grave Emmett Till Tour

An interactive educational tour detailing the tragic murder of 14-year old Till. Tour highlights include historical landmark locations in Chicago and the Mississippi Delta, eyewitness accounts, and youth engagement through creative journalizing.