Mamie Till Mobley Memorial Foundation was founded in 2009 to maintain an unyielding commitment to honor Mamie Till Mobley's legacy and preserve the memory of her only son, Emmett Louis "BoBo" Till. The MTMMF is dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of both Mamie and Emmett Till's legacies by Remembering the Past While Educating the Future through implementation of enrichment programs for youth to enhance their level of cultural awareness in the areas of black history, creative arts, health and education promoting Savants of Consciousness.

Youth Empowerment

Through educational programming and culturally enriched projects we identify and awaken the voice of our youth empowering them to magnify it as an instrument towards opportunity, education, and leadership.


Character Building

Reflections of the past through education and cultural awareness inspire youth to achieve their highest potential breaking the cycle of violence and hate existing today.

Artistic Expression through Education

Implementation of programs and projects to promote self-awareness, creative expression, alternatives from engaging in negative influences, and accessibility to inspiration.

Mamie Till Mobley talks about forgiveness at her last public appearance.

30th Anniversary of Emmett Till's Death NBC 1985 Pt.1